This pilot site will be the first agriPV project in the world for the growth of duckweed and microalgae crops beneath innovative PV panels. Kerbest is an agricultural company participating in the Spanish pilot. The site includes a nitrification and denitrification treatment plant to extract a liquid fraction of slurry matter from animal farming. This fraction is used for the growth of duckweed and microalgae crops. The energy obtained from the photovoltaic panels will be used to optimize the consumption of the N-dN plant from where the liquid base of the crop comes. The decantation channels are located on open fields. The testing area will have a 20×20 surface. Demonstrating the successful growth of a microalgae culture is the pilot’s main goal. On the decantation channels where the agriPV panels will be placed, duckweed-based liquid slurry fraction will be present.

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