AgriPV system with climate, water and light spectrum control for safe, healthier and improved crops production

What is PV4Plants?

PV4Plants is a Horizon Europe funded project whose aim is to become a strong influencer of the decarbonisation of the agricultural and energy sector. The project has a series of key advantages which can improve the competitiveness of both sectors:

  • Improve land efficiency
  • Renewable local energy generation and direct consumption
    (minimizing losses, reduction of agricultural energy dependency and energy poverty)
  • Creation of local social-financial opportunities
    (higher turnover per hectare of cultivated land, new income potential, creation of rural jobs and therefore mitigation of depopulation problem in rural areas)

PV4Plants in numbers

  • 25.000 €/year saved in electricity bills
  • 50 new jobs
  • >0.5% efficiency
    (compared to currently installed PVs)
  • 117.000 kWh/year produced
  • 35t/year greenhouse gas emissions avoided in the three pilots
  • 10%-20% reduced water evaporation
    (compared to the reference field)